Your packing list

We've worked with the experts at Cotswold Outdoor to pull together an essential packing list for this year's festival, so you'll be ready for a fantastic weekend on the trails, on the dancefloor, or anywhere in between.

If you're still in need of a hand, they offer in-store camping kit list appointments, if you want further advice on your camping kit choices.



For a cosy camp

✓ Tent

✓ Sleeping bag & sleeping mat/airbed

✓ Pillow

✓ Blanket

✓ Head torch & spare batteries

✓ Camping lantern

✓ Folding chair

✓ Earplugs

✓ Eye mask 

✓ Water bottle

✓ Insulated mug or flask

✓ Wooly hat

✓ Bunting & fairly lights

Cotswold Outdoor's recommended picks:

Small tent | Family tent | Sleeping bag | Sleeping mat | Pillow | Blanket | Head torch | Camping lantern | Folding chair | Earplugs | Water bottle | Insulated flask

For big days on the trails

✓ Trail running shoes with suitable tread

✓ A suitable running bag/race vest

✓ Spare socks

✓ Tech tees

✓ Midlayers

✓ Running shorts

✓ Water bottle/soft flask

✓ Personal first aid kit

✓ Blister plasters

✓ Running snacks

✓ Hydration products

✓ Waterproof jacket

✓ Waterproof trousers

Cotswold Outdoor's recommended picks:

Men's Trail Running ShoesWomen's Trail Running ShoesRunning vestSocksMen's Tech TeeWomen's Tech TeeMen's MidlayerWomen's MidlayerMen's Running ShortsWomen's Running ShortsWater bottleFirst aid kitBlister kitRunning SnacksHydration PackMen's Waterproof JacketWomen's Waterproof JacketMen's Waterproof TrousersWomen's Waterproof Trousers

For trips to the beach

✓ Cap or sun hat

✓ Sunglasses

✓ Suncream

✓ Games, like Frisbee or Bat & Ball 

✓ Dry bags

✓ Quick-dry towel

✓ Swimming gear

✓ Plenty of warm layers - fingers-crossed you won’t need them!

Cotswold Outdoor's recommended picks:

Sun Cap | Sunglasses | Suncream | Dry Bags | Quick-dry Towel | Men's Swimwear | Women's Swimwear | Men's Fleece | Women's Fleece

For nights at the Main Stage

✓ Flower crowns, head-dresses & biodegradable glitter

✓ Your running crew flag, bunting, or sign

✓ Fancy Dress - This Year’s Theme is From Sea to Shore

Embrace the spirit of trail running, water activities, beaches, coastal paths, piers, harbours, and our love for the environment. From shimmering seashells to nautical-inspired ensembles, to coastal wildlife — there are so many different ways to interpret the theme so let your imagination run wild!


✓ Toothbrush & toothpaste

✓ Battery pack with charging cable

✓ Credit/debit card for food vendors & bars

✓ Keep-cup for morning coffee strolls

✓ Yoga mat (a towel or camping mat will do)


Love Trails Festival is not 'BYOB'... Alcohol brought to the festival can be consumed in the campsite, but it isn't allowed into the festival village area. Absolutely no glass bottles are allowed anywhere on site - and will be not allowed through accreditation. Thank you in advance for keeping the site safe for us, and for the wildlife that live in it the rest of the year round!