Eighteen hours of talks that will leave you in a state of awe, in tears, at the edge of your seat, or on the floor. 



12:00-12:20 The Happiness of Being You

Living Dreams, facing fears, and loving yourself, others and life with abandon, are Danny’s tool kit and he’s about to kick start Love Trails as we mean to go on - with a massive smile.

Danny Bent, Founder of Project Awesome and I Move London Relay

12:20-12:40 Personal Best

Jana talks about the modern day social media pressures, and the realisation that you don’t have to be the best, just your person best. Speaking from personal experiences, Jana’s about to inspire you, and teach you how to live your best life.

Jana Studzinska, Salomon Athlete & Founder of Cool Cats

12:40-13:00 Plogging

Plogging is the concept of jogging, and picking up litter. Erik discusses the benefits, and how he came to create Sweden’s most rewarding running concept. Joining us all the way from Sweden, you’re going to want to hear what he says!

Erik Ahlström, Founder of Plogging

13:20-13:40 Rome to Home, a Mental Adventure

Dan will be talking about channeling adversity and his experiences with Bipolar Disorder towards running 1250 miles across Europe, plus the life-lessons he learnt along the way. Dan’s talks are known to make people cry tears of love and laughter - it’s an unmissable talk.

Dan Keeley, Trail Runner, Mental Health Advocate, Optimist

13:40-14:00 Dreamers Disease & Embracing the Unknown

Why turning her back on the monotony of track running and her sights to the trails and the mountains was the best decision Heidi ever made. At just twenty years young, Heidi’s about to inspire you to embrace your true passions.

Heidi Davies, athlete & inov8 ambassador

14:00-14:20 It's all in the Mind

Dave Finch talks about the mental benefits to running health, and how running and fitness changed his life. Everybody needs a Dave Finch in their life, and you’re about to agree.

Dave Finch, Leader of Project Awesome London




Campfire Stage - Evening Talks

18:30-19:10 Salomon Athlete Q&A

Donnie Campbell, Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn, Holly Page, Tom Owens

19:10-19:30 What if Running could Change the World?

In the last 3 years Nick has created 6 races on 3 continents, raising over $800k in the process. Each one has a clear social purpose and goal to bring communities together, and get people running for the very first time. Come and gather round the campfire stage and let Nick teach you the power of running.

Nick Kershaw, Founder Impact Marathon Series

19:30-20:15 Bay Boy Running Live Podcast - The Death of the Running Club

You’ve heard it through your headphones, now it’s time to hear it on a stage. Bad Boy Running LIVE is a must see at the Campfire Stage.

David Hellard, Founder of Bad Boy Running & Caffein Bullet

Danny Bent, Founder of Project Awesome & London Relay

20:15-20:35 Novice to Ultra-Runner

In 2009 Maggie took on what was the biggest challenge in her life and ran a marathon. It was the hardest thing she'd ever done and Maggie never really enjoyed running until she found trail running. 10 marathons on and she decided to jump to ultras, something she soon found was her calling an completely changed her life, social scene, and career.

Maggie is now a Salomon Athlete with many ultras under her belt including a 100 miler, and she's going to share her struggles, celebrations, and hard work to get to where she is now and show people you don't have to be a 'natural' runner to achieve your goals. 

Maggie May Dempsey, Salomon Ambassador & Founder Wild Trail Runners

20:35-21:20 WMN Run Panel Discussion

Sorrell Walsh, Amelia Ritchie, Emily Ackner, Cat Simpson, Jo-Anne



Campfire Stage - Morning Talks

09:00-09:20 Tried and tested techniques for busy city people looking to get outdoors and active

Annie shares her highs and lows of the Exerk 52in52, including key tips for people who are frustrated with fitness always being the first thing to go when life gets busy. If you’re lost for ideas, time, or motivation, there’s no better person to inspire you back into action than Annie Ross.

Annie Ross, Founder, Exerk

09:20-09:40 Run for Love 1,000

How a 1,000 mile trail run across Europe inspired the UK's leading natural performance nutrition brand. 

Tom StancliffeRob Martineau, Co-Founders, Tribe


09:40-10:00 The Journey of a Mindful Mover

This talk is all about the power of putting one foot in front of the other, and how when we can truly connect with the reasons we move, we can begin to fly.

Chevy Rough, Human Performance & Mindfulness Coach

10:00-10:20 How to Create a Successful Running Magazine

Join Claire Maxted as she tells her story on being the guiding force behind Trail Running Mag, and tips on how you could create your own

Claire Maxted, Co-Founder of Trail Running Mag

10:20-10:50 Sleeping in a Telephone Box and Other Stories

Lee will cover some of the funniest stories he  encountered whilst setting a fastest known time on Englands longest Trail the 650 mile Monarch's Way this year. The talk should be entertaining, mainly true but is unlikely to be informative in any way for serious runners. You have been warned.

Lee Stuart-Evans, Ultra-Marathoner & World Record Holder

10:50-11:10 My Marathon Des Sables

Marathon des Sables was the first race Effy ever signed up for.From Zero to ultrarunner in 14 months, she had just completed her first 100 mile race through Florida. Come and hear about the race as a rookie, how she worked out how to run and what the Sahara is actually like. A blunt and brutal approach to endurance racing

Effy Bailey, ultra-marathoner

11:10-11:30 Old Man in the Chair

‘Take chances and be the best you can be’, that’s Huw’s motto. Huw likes to be out of his comfort zone, and he’s going to teach you how to throw yourself head first in the deep end, and inspire you to live adventurously.

Huw Brassington, Athlete, Adventurer

11:30-11:50 Running a lap of the British coast (and what happens afterwards)

Elise gives a humorous talk on how she set off to run 5000 miles around the British Coast. After 301 days Elise returned back to London having managed it and was faced with an even bigger challenge: normal life. It turns out that navigating this involved as many ups and downs as running the coast.

Elise Downing, Adventurer



Campfire Stage - Adventure Uncovered



Purpose-Driven Travel and Adventures that Matter

As curious beings, we all like to travel. It’s in our nature to get off the beaten track and explore the unknown; on foot, on a saddle or in various forms of transport. But how often do we think about the consequences of our footprints and give back to nature and the pristine environments that we play in?

With holiday time constraints and flights that are far too affordable given their true cost, it’s easy to hop on a plane and go - but what are the benefits that can be brought through travel vs the negatives that travel itself brings through carbon emissions? How you can not have an environmental impact in the first place, ie. keeping a trip or journey local, by travelling on foot, by bike, or any other human powered form. Discuss.

This chair-lead panel session involves a series of short talks (5-10 mins max each) from inspiring adventurers and environmentalists who have harnessed the power of mobility to promote and inspire positive environmental awareness and change.

Ellie Mackay, Stephen Fabes, The Wild Swimming Brothers, Jo Moseley



‘The Sky’s the Limit’: Overcoming Adversity through the Power of Nature and the Outdoors

Paul Parrish, Alex Staniforth, Adam Badrawy, Dan Keeley

This chair led panel session will involve a series of short introductory talks (5-10 mins max) from people who have undergone extreme mental and physical challenges to overcome adversity in their lives through adventure and the great outdoors.

Followed by 30-minute audience Q&A session.

Main Stage - Morning Talks

09:00-09:20 The team behind Ultra-X and the vision for multi-day running

Hear how the co-founders of UltraX aim to create a series of new multi-day races which allow anyone and everyone to participate in these types of experiences, making them as accessible as possible. Come along, and you’ll have signed up to a race by the end of the talk!

Sam Heward & Jamie Sparks, Co-Founders Ultra-X

09:20-09:40 Running with your head... not just your legs

Strong legs and fitness can only get you so far - running is just as much in the mind. James talks about his approach to training and racing. He’s a as fast as lightning, and he’s about to teach you how to do be the same.

James Holt, Athlete & head of london midnight runners

09:40-10:00 Re-discovering your identity post injury

Simon’s life changed dramatically with hopes of moving to become a more successful marathon & trail runner to one which left him on crutches for 12 months with no prospect of ever running again. Simon looks at the mental and emotional challenges of that journey, as well as the physical.

Simon James, Founder, Run the Wild

10:00-10:20 Can Running End Homelessness?

Claude talks about his journey from homeless to marathon runner, and how he now works to transform the lives of homeless young people in the UK. Learn about how The Running Charity supports vulnerable people in society, and how you can get involved in their work.

Claude Umuhire, Mentor at The Running Charity

10:20-11:00 Panel Discussion: Innovation & Tech in Fitness


Helene Guillaume, CEO & Co-founder WILD

Madeleine Nutt, Run AN EMPIRE


Main Stage - Afternoon Talks

12:00-12:20 Prejudice and Pride - why the healing power of sport should be accessible to all

A discussion around barriers to sport which, directly or indirectly, deny access to those who statistically may need it most. How running helped Ian to understand and improve his mental health, find his tribe, and ultimately build pride.

Ian Healy, Co-Founder We are Daybreak

12:20-12:40 The Brain and Exercise

Chris will discuss the changes that occur in the brain due to exercise, and show that running marathons can really change pathways in our brain. This includes improvements in markers of cognition, immunity to illness and our metabolism of different types of food. It’s an educational talk that will blow your mind!

Chris Holton, Neuroscientist

12:40-13:00 International Marathon Man of Mystery

Everyone's obsessed with running the Marathon Majors, but why? They're the biggest, but it doesn't mean they're the best! David Hellard (founder of Bad Boy Running Podcast and Beer Belly Running) brings to you the joy of running smaller marathons from across the globe, some you probably haven't heard of, and others you might not even believe exist! From Afghanistan to Somaliland, Sierra Leone to Myanmar, he takes you through the highlights of being an International Man of Mystery! 

David Hellard, Founder Bad Boy Running & Caffein Bullet

13:00-13:20 The Finish Line is the Perfect Place

The simple flip of a coin has sent Kris to some of the most hostile environments on the planet, from sweltering jungles, to frozen tundras, baking deserts and now the fight against poaching across Africa. Kris has ran his war around, across and even over countries and now travels the world sharing his stories.

Kris King, Race Director of Beyond the Ultimate

13:20-13:40 How running opened my eyes, changed my life and made everything way more awesome

In this talk Jody will reflect on his own journey in the sport and the people he has met on along the way. From Palestinians using running as a way of telling the story of their lives, to organising a marathon in a warzone, to what its actually like to run in Afghanistan; this talk will tell the story of modern running, through the eyes of somebody who has had the unique opportunity to connect with people whose running narrative is rarely told - but whose stories are breathtaking - and that most of all how running, in what ever shape or form - can truly change the world. 

Jody Bragger, CEO Midnight Runners

13:40-14:00 Social running, how it changed my life and how it can change yours

Greg Drach, Co-Founder Midnight Runners

14:00-14:20 How you do anything is how you do everything

Sarah shares her approach to training, and how she lives her life through positivity, grit, and determination to achieve the incredible. There doesn’t seem to be anything that Sarah can’t do, and her face is about to light up the audience as she explains the importance of how you approach your life.

Sarah Thomson, Endurance Athlete, Public Speaker