Be at your best all weekend

Wellness isn’t an afterthought for us, it’s core to the whole experience. While we all know a rewarding run, a breath-taking view or the exhilaration of live music is often all we need to lift our spirits, sometimes you need a bit more to keep your mind and body at their best.

That’s why we offer a whole range of nutritious food stalls onsite, along with daily yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions, and a host of workshops to keep you in tip top condition and free from injury. Wind down each day at our estuary spa, wood-fired hot tubs and beachside sauna.

Osteo Adventures

Osteo Adventures specialise in getting people to the finish line and making the journey as painless as possible. Their team of Osteos, Physios, & Sports Therapists are all on hand to help you with a range of aches, pains and injuries.

Get out what you put in

Fuel yourself with delicious and highly nutritious pre- or post-run meals at our food trucks, catering for all diets. Meat-free or intolerant? Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.

Relax & recuperate

Finish the day with a reinvigorating soak or steam, luxuriate in a mindful interlude or just relax your tired muscles in our spa, wood-fired hot tubs or beachside sauna.

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Warm up


Choose from different daily yoga sessions to liven or focus your mind, body and spirit. From disco yoga to vinyasa flow, stretch and move the way you want to.


Warm up


Work with movement specialists on strength and conditioning, with sessions and workshops on flow, balance, movement patterns & rhythm.


Warm up


Build on your breathwork with trainers and coaches experienced working with Professional Athletes and Olympians.


Warm up

Ice baths

Invigorate your mind and muscles by taking the plunge in ice baths, practice your Wim Hof method, and really get your blood pumping.


Warm up


Onsite physiotherapists, osteopaths and medical professionals are available to support you all weekend, so you can be the best version of yourself.


Wind down


Create space to explore some mindful moments, go deep and master your emotions with guided meditation sessions.


Wind down


Visit our onsite masseuses, who will be ready to help you relax, recover and release tension, with a range of treatments including sports and deep tissue massages.


Wind down

Wood-fired hot tubs

Take a soak in our luxurious, Scandinavian hot tubs. Open all day and into the evening, complete with breathtaking waterside views.


Wind down

Estuary spa

Enjoy a range of treatments and holistic therapies to nourish your body and soul. Visit our peaceful spa, situated right next to a 14th-century fort, and overlooking the estuary. 


Wind down

Beachside sauna

Good for health and happiness, head for a restorative steam in our secluded beachside sauna.

What are you waiting for?

Join the waiting list to get exclusive priority access to 2024 tickets. Tickets are strictly limited and the last drop sold out fast.

2023 teachers & practitioners

Check out our programme for 2023, for an idea of what you can expect in 2024's festival, when we return - even bigger and better!

Leo Oppenheim

Leo is a wellness facilitator who combines a variety of disciplines to create space for change in the body and mind. Expect yoga, creative movement and deep dives into sound, breath and  cold water to provide spaces for deep mental, physical and emotional shifts.

Neil Frankel

Neil is the co-founder of The Movement Project. He has a lifetime of experience as a coach, is a MovNat certified trainer, tennis coach and accidental ultra marathon runner. Neil explores flow, balance, movement patterns & rhythm that seek to redefine the relationship we have with ourselves and the environment that surrounds us with a deep curiosity of what's possible and a playful approach to challenge preconceived expectations. 

Matt Bagwell

Matt is a breathwork instructor, leadership coach and endurance athlete, based in Shoreham-by-Sea in the UK. As an Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor, Matt teaches breathwork in person and online, using a spectrum of protocols to enhance physical and mental performance. He teaches everyone from Paralympian Marathon runners, Team GB World Champion Duathletes and professional football teams to entire companies.

Carla Molinaro

Carla is a record breaking ultra runner for HOKA and founder of Strength, Conditioning and Yoga for Runners. Carla’s sessions are designed specifically for runners to get you moving properly, get your muscles fired up and keep those injuries away!

Adelah Bilal

Adelah's introduction to yoga was purely as a physical exercise that could help her recover from a knee injury. After years of egocentric asana-focused practice (that only led to further injury!) Adelah began to explore the other limbs of yoga and her practice evolved into considerate, loving and thoughtful movement guided by breath. Adelah teaches a vinyasa flow style, with more emphasis on the flow and freedom of movement. You are given the space to listen to your body and learn how to move in response to its needs.

Lucy Wright

Lucy is a movement and re-wilding teacher, ex-marathon runner and life-long lover of the sea.  She uses movement as a vehicle to help you connect with yourself and nature. Whether it’s yoga, natural movement, wild running, breathwork, meditation or swimming, her practices honour the natural world referencing seasons, traditions and cycles. Her yoga classes range from strong vinyasa flow to mindful restorative with various shades in between, all looking to deepen your connection with self. You can expect creative, light-hearted sessions, great playlists and a friendly face.

Tina Afiyan-Breiova

Tina is a movement director and teacher of Armenian Descent. She has shared her research into movement, performance, presence and imagination with leading academic institutions and production companies across the globe. Her personal practice is informed by research under the teachings of the likes of Coral Ortega, Yoshi Oïda, Hannes Langolf, Salva Sanchez, Julyen Hamilton, Crysa Parkinson, Lloyd Newson, Cameron Shayne, Guiherme Arashiro and David Zambrano. She’s a founding member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective.

Tom Afyian-English

Tom is a researcher and lecturer from the UK with expertise in performance psychology, 

evolutionary physiology, functional biomechanics, behavioural neuroscience and mindfulness-based meditation approaches. As the founder of movement research collective Ferus Animi // Terra Nova, he collaborates on curriculum and educational approaches with leading academic institutions, on motivational approaches and training climates with athletes and performers, and spends his spare time practicing his favourite martial art: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

His personal practice is informed by ongoing research in the teachings and ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais, Shunryū Suzuki, David Zambrano, Kristen Linklater, Linda Kapentea, Jozef Frucek, Wim Hof, Ido Portal, Bruno Caverna and Grand Master Tae Yong Lee.

Nicky Spinks

Nicky has risen from 4 mile fell races in 2001 to holding the Womens record for all UK three rounds (Bob Graham, Paddy Buckley and Charlie Ramsay) and then completing Doubles of all the rounds too. She’s won numerous Ultra distance races such as Ultra Tour Monta Rosa, Arc of Attrition, Cheviot Goat, Grand Raid Pyrenees and was placed 3rd in the Tor des Geants (360km, 28,000m) in 2021 and 3rd in the Tor des Glaciers in 2022 (450km, 32,000m). 

Nicky is now 55 and still competing strongly as she has developed her own training over the years to maximise performance without injury. Nicky is a UKA Fell Coach in Running Fitness as well as holding other coaching qualifications. She coaches many runners to successful Ultra completions.

What are you waiting for?

Join the waiting list to get exclusive priority access to 2024 tickets. Tickets are strictly limited and the last drop sold out fast.