Swansea, United Kingdom

Love Trails 2019 | Be More You (5km)

A forum of like-minded individuals coming together to support one another.

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Running has this strange way of making people open up. We carry our personal issues around with us for such a long time, yet there's never the right moment to share it - or maybe we just don't feel like we can? Be More You is a forum of like-minded individuals, who come together to listen and support one another. Whether this is over a run or a coffee, it's a safe space. There's no fear of judgement or criticism. Whether you want to talk, listen or just run, through the time it takes to cover this 5km trail, Be More You aims to enhance your emotional wellbeing - we'll ask what your wellbeing index is both before and after the run, in the hope that it's improved following a fun bimble on the trails. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bemore.you/

Love Trails 2019 | Be More You (5km)

United Kingdom July 5 2019 1 day

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