Privacy Policy

LOVE TRAILS is devoted to safeguarding your privacy and adhering to the relevant data protection and privacy regulations. This Privacy Policy (henceforth referred to as the "Policy") aims to elucidate the types of information we collect in the context of our products and services and elucidate how we handle and utilize that information. Within this Policy, "personal data" is defined as information about an identifiable or identified individual (that is, a natural person).

In this document, "Love Trails" or "us" represents Love Trails Festival Ltd, with its official premises at 11 Ilston Way, West Cross, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. LOVE TRAILS is an entity within Love Trails Festival Ltd. The company is registered in England and Wales with the registration number 10590706

This Policy is relevant to personal data gathered in relation to the products and services provided by LOVE TRAILS or in any scenarios where this Policy is mentioned. It is pertinent to the marketing of our goods via our online platform and applications within our product testing community, for varied types of services offered by LOVE TRAILS (primarily in a digital format), including customer support, customer events, or sales and marketing initiatives.

We usually offer additional privacy-related stipulations in association with a specific product or service. Such specific terms related to a product or service take precedence over this Policy in case of any discrepancy. Our products or services may feature links to websites and services of other firms, which possess their own privacy policies. We suggest that you meticulously review the privacy policies of such services. LOVE TRAILS does not assume responsibility for the privacy practices or content of any external third-party services.

Where the applicable law mandates your consent for the processing of personal data as described in this Policy, such consent will be acquired via a suitable method such as checking a box to indicate your consent, selecting technical configurations for a service or website, or another form of statement or behavior that distinctly signifies your approval of the processing, contingent on the product, website, service, or application in use.


We typically gather your personal data when you buy our products or services, engage with our services, partake in a sales promotion or a campaign, or interact with us in any form. Here are instances of the categories of data we collect about you.

Technical Information

Ordinarily, you can access our websites or utilize our products or services without revealing your identity. Nevertheless, some technical data is invariably collected as a standard component of your usage of our services. This data encompasses, for example, your IP address, times of access, the source website you connected from, visited pages, utilized links, the ad banners and content you viewed, information regarding your devices, and other such technical data your browser transmits to us or as might be collected in the context of certain products and services. When you engage with our services or interact with us through telecommunications networks, additional data such as your mobile subscription number could be transmitted to us by the telecommunications operator as a standard element of that communication.

Information You Provide Us

When you sign up for our services, participate in product testing or a membership program, make a purchase, enter a sales promotion, or interact with us in other ways, we might request you to furnish us with specific data such as your name, email address, residential address, as well as usernames, passwords, and other credentials that authenticate users and validate their actions, or that might be necessary to supply you with the requested products and services or for communication purposes, along with data you upload like location, route details, photos, etc. We might gather training data, demographic details, for instance, your age, sex, zip code, and language preferences.

We might also accumulate additional information you offer, like your consents, preferences, and feedback, data related to your devices, and other information you provide. It's noteworthy that some non-identifiable information collected from you might become personally identifiable upon your provision of your personal data to us. Certain services of ours might allow you to submit data about other individuals, for instance, if you order a product that you wish us to dispatch directly to another recipient.

Your Transactions with Us

We gather or request data related to your purchase or usage of our products or services, as well as your other interactions with us. This data may include, for instance, details of the inquiries or requests you've made, the services and products provided (including delivery specifics), purchasing details (including payments made, credit card information, billing address, credit assessments, and other financial details), specifics of agreements between you and Love Trails, records of contacts and communications, information, and details related to the content you've provided us with, and other such transactional information. In compliance with applicable law, we may document your communication with our customer care or other similar contact points.

Location Data

Certain services might require the utilization of your location data.

Data Obtained from Third Parties or Via Third-Party Platforms

Beyond the personal data we receive directly from you, we may, in compliance with relevant laws, acquire specific personal data from sources like online advertising, list rental entities, and other publicly accessible sources. Such information could encompass personal data like updates on credit details and address changes.

When our websites or services have cookies or similar technologies activated, either we or the third party managing such technology might gather certain personal data from you. This could include information like HTTP header details (including IP address, type of browser, location where the page is stored, website's URL, date and time), data specific to cookies (such as cookie IDs, the data within the cookies, social media identifiers), and other data related to your visits to websites/services (like data on events, placed orders, registrations, searches for products).

Whenever you engage with us or our content via social media platforms, we obtain details from your interactions with our material (for instance, which content you have viewed, and info about the ads you've seen or clicked on). Engaging with our online presence through social media means you agree to our collection of data from social media, as outlined in this privacy notice. In instances where we operate "fan sites" on social media networks like Facebook or Instagram, the operators of these social media platforms gather personal data about visitors through cookies and handle this data as data controllers.


We might share your personal data with third parties only as outlined in this Policy or as necessitated by compulsory law.

Service Providers and Other Authorized Third Parties

We could transmit your personal data to sanctioned third parties who handle personal data on our behalf for the objectives delineated in this Policy, including but not limited to technical, logistical, e-commerce, marketing, billing, and payment services. These third parties are forbidden from utilizing your personal data for purposes other than those for which it was gathered, and we mandate their compliance with relevant laws and this Policy, alongside implementing suitable security protocols to safeguard your personal data. Certain service providers, such as those handling payments, process your personal data as data controllers, subject to their distinct privacy policies.

Furthermore, we might convey your personal data to a service partner when you avail of specific services where a third-party entity is required to manage such data for delivering the particular service, or when you explicitly consent to a third-party company processing your data in association with the services or products offered by LOVE TRAILS.

International Transfers

Our products and services might utilize resources and servers situated in different countries globally. As a result, your personal data could be transferred beyond the nation where you access our services, including to territories outside the European Economic Area (EEA), where data protection standards may not align with those of the European Commission. In these scenarios, we implement measures to ensure, to our utmost ability, that your personal data receives protection as mandated by applicable legislation. Typically, for international data transfers, we depend on the Standard Contractual Clauses ("SCCs") instituted by the European Commission. Should you desire further details regarding the international transfer of your personal data, please feel free to reach out to us using the provided contact information.

Other Disclosures

We might release and process your personal data in line with relevant laws to protect LOVE TRAILS's justified interests, such as in legal actions, be they civil or criminal. If necessitated by the purposes mentioned earlier or if the law requires it, your personal data could be disclosed to governmental entities, regulatory bodies, or law enforcement agencies.

Data Concerning Minors

LOVE TRAILS aims not to gather information or partake in transactions with individuals below the legal age in their country. Nonetheless, our databases might include personal data of minors since accurately determining a user's age isn't always feasible. We maintain the right to restrict access to any individual who is, or we have reasonable grounds to believe, is a minor.

It is the stance of LOVE TRAILS to require that minors refrain from making purchases or participating in legal activities related to our products and services without a parent's or legal guardian's consent, except as allowed by law. Minors with consent from their legal guardians must be prepared to verify such consent when requested.

Data Quality and Retention

We are committed to ensuring the accuracy and currency of the personal data we hold, removing outdated, incorrect, or unnecessary personal data accordingly.

Our products and services may offer you the capability to manage your profile and its information. We urge you to review your personal data periodically through your profile to verify its accuracy and currency. Note that when utilizing such digital services to manage your profile, ensuring the accuracy of the details provided and updating any personal data as needed is your obligation.

We retain your personal data solely for the duration necessary for its intended purpose or as mandated by law. Once personal data is no longer necessary or legally required to be retained, it will be either deleted or irreversibly anonymized. Should there be a legal basis (like product liability or a legal dispute), we might keep the data beyond the typical retention period.

Data Security

In all our data handling processes, data security is of paramount importance. We apply suitable technical and organizational measures to mitigate risks associated with the handling and processing of personal data.

These security practices, when deemed necessary, encompass the deployment of firewalls, utilization of secure server infrastructures, encryption, establishment of proper access control systems and procedures, selective engagement of processors, comprehensive training for our staff involved in data processing, and additional essential actions to safeguard your personal data from unauthorized access or exposure. As a precaution, we also create backup copies and adopt other strategies to avert accidental data loss or destruction. 


Relevant data privacy regulations provide you with several rights concerning the processing of your personal data by us. LOVE TRAILS is committed to ensuring you can exercise these rights consistently. Your entitlements include:

  • You possess the right to seek information about and access the personal data we have accumulated about you.

  • You have the entitlement to request the update, correction, or removal of any personal data we maintain about you that is incomplete, inaccurate, unnecessary, or outdated. Nonetheless, we are unable to remove any personal data required for adherence to obligatory legal responsibilities or data that must be preserved as per prevailing laws.

  • You are entitled to ask for and obtain the personal data we have gathered about you, which is necessary for fulfilling a contract or is based on your consent, in a format that is commonly used and readable by machines.

  • You can seek a limitation on the processing of your personal data if you prefer not to have your personal data erased, but find its processing to be illegitimate, no longer necessary, or if you have contested the processing and the verification of valid grounds for such processing is pending.

  • At any juncture, you can oppose the processing of your personal data for purposes like direct marketing, the dispatch of promotional content, profiling, or the execution of market research. Moreover, if the processing of your personal data is reliant on your consent, you are at liberty to retract your consent for such processing anytime.

Should you decide to exercise the aforementioned rights, please reach out to us using the contact information provided at the end of this Policy. When contacting us, kindly specify your reason for reaching out (e.g., to request a copy of your data, challenge the processing, or update your data) and provide details that will assist us in identifying you. We might also request supplementary details to accurately identify you and address your request.

Opting-out from Email/Online Ads/SMS-Based Marketing

  • You are free to withdraw from brand marketing emails, online advertisements by adhering to the instructions in those emails (usually via an “unsubscribe” link) or by getting in touch with LOVE TRAILS as indicated in the email and on our website.

  • If you choose to opt-out, (i) we might still forward non-marketing emails to you, such as service updates or other pertinent information, or if you're a business client, we may send you business-related communications, (ii) you will continue to encounter advertisements on third-party advertising networks indiscriminately. You also have the option to withdraw from any SMS-based direct marketing by contacting LOVE TRAILS as detailed on our site or through SMS, as fitting.


The primary data controller accountable for managing your personal data in line with this Policy is:

Love Trails Festival Ltd, situated at 11 Ilston Way, West Cross, Swansea, SA3 5LG, United Kingdom. The company is registered in England and Wales with the registration number 10590706.

You can reach out to us at


Periodically, we might revise and modify this Policy.


LOVE TRAILS is active in several countries where local laws provide you with extra rights concerning the processing of your personal data. In these jurisdictions, or where such local privacy laws apply, we commit to upholding your rights. Below, we outline the specific additional rights available in each country.

California, United States of America 

For residents of California (Detailed description of privacy rights in California under the California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA and the California Privacy Rights Act – CPRA), this segment incorporates the entirety of the previously mentioned Policy as though it were detailed here and aims to enhance the rights provided therein under the CCPA/CPRA.

Right to Know / Access Residents of California are entitled (upon a verifiable request) to inquire about the following:

  • The types of personal information we've gathered concerning you.

  • The sources from which personal information is accrued.

  • The purpose behind collecting or selling personal information.

  • The third parties with whom personal information is shared, along with the types of information shared.

  • The specific pieces of personal information collected about you.

  • Where technically possible, residents of California can ask for such information to be directly transferred to another entity.

Right to Request Deletion or Correction of Personal Information Individuals residing in California can request the erasure or amendment of their personal information that we, or any third parties or service providers acting on our behalf, have accumulated or maintained.

Right to Access Information and Opt-Out of Automated Decision-Making Technology Residents in California have the privilege to seek details on how their personal information is employed in automated decision-making processes, understand the probable outcomes of these processes, and opt out of such automated decision-making technologies.

Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information At any moment, you can instruct a business that commercializes or shares personal information about you with third parties to cease selling or sharing your personal information, constituting your right to opt-out of sales or sharing. The term "sell" under CCPA/CPRA encompasses a wide range and may involve sharing your data for any monetary advantage.

We disclose your data to service providers and other sanctioned third parties as described in the aforementioned Policy. If any such entity is not recognized as a service provider under CCPA/CPRA and if our actions constitute a "sale" or profit from sharing your personal information as outlined in this Policy, and you desire for us not to share such data, kindly forward your request using the methods indicated below.

To ensure your personal information remains private, it is recommended to erase your cookies from your browser and opt out of consent via our cookie preference center.

CALIFORNIA MINORS only: Refer to the DATA CONCERNING MINORS section above. Entities are not authorized to sell your data unless you, aged between 13 and 16, or your guardian if you're under 13, have explicitly approved the sale/sharing of your information. This constitutes your opt-in right. If aged between 13-16, you can opt-in by consenting to cookies via our cookie preference center. For those under 13, we do not intend to involve you in any transactions or tracking.

How to Exercise Your CCPA/CPRA Rights To place a CCPA/CPRA rights request, please email us at Note that to process your request, we may need to verify your identity and request additional information. You can submit your request via our toll-free number or the online form provided. In these situations, you may need to share your registered email address among other details. We will acknowledge your request within 10 days and, upon confirming your identity, address your concerns. Nonetheless, we will abstain from providing data we suspect could be linked to fraudulent activities.

Right to Non-Discrimination for Exercising Your California Privacy Rights

You possess the right not to face discrimination for asserting your rights under Californian legislation. We pledge to treat you equitably, without discrimination, should you choose to exercise any of your outlined rights.

Authorized Agent 

You are permitted to appoint an authorized representative to submit any CCPA/CPRA requests on your behalf. However, we retain the right to verify that such an agent is legitimately authorized by you.