The Love Trails Experience

What's Love Trails Festival like?

We created Love Trails Festival because we wanted an event that combined trail running, with the best outdoor adventures, with the things we love most about music festivals. The collective euphoria of watching a live band play on a big festival stage... The runner's high & feeling of pure joy from running trails or jumping into the sea. These are experiences we wanted to bring together into one magic & totally unique weekend.

Love Trails Festival is the perfect balance of trail running, adventure, music & wellbeing!

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Incredible food, inspirational talks, adventure workshops, hot tubs & sauna, 4 fully licensed bars, outdoor brands, run crews from across the UK +++

What people are saying

"Simply the friendliest, most scenic, chilled, fun-filled, loved-up, work-hard-play-hard, spotlessly clean and feel-good festival I've ever been to. Thank you to all the LT team and support crews, you were magical. xoxo"

Nikki Berry-Lakin

"Genuinely the best festival we've ever been to - every little thing was considered, it was expertly organised and enough things to do to last a week!! it was an inspiring atmosphere and a safe, comfortable and crazy fun environment. Literally couldn't recommend it any higher. High five you geniuses!"

Katie Baker

"Love Trails Festival was absolutely brilliant, the trail running was world class but this is so much more than a running festival, it's a collection of people who want to embrace all forms of outdoor exercise and immerse themselves in nature whilst also having a few beers, racing beer miles and dancing into the night."

Calum Hudson