Swansea, United Kingdom

Love Trails 2019 | Run to Community Clean-Up with GoodGym (14km)

A team of runners helping to clean-up the community!



Fancy doing a good deed, while also getting in some miles? GoodGym are a community of runners who do just that. In collaboration with the Down To Earth, the awesome run leaders at GoodGym will take you on a guided trail run, finishing up at the Down To Earth site, Little Bryn Gwyn. Down To Earth believe relationship centred and meaningful, outdoor experiences have the potential to change people’s lives. They do this through innovative and inclusive approaches such as creating remarkable buildings with natural materials, award-winning learning & well-being programmes and also through adventure activities from our 2 hand-built centres on Gower. https://www.downtoearthproject.org.uk/ GoodGym will take you on a 7km guided run to the site, where you'll assist in a project to help the Down To Earth centre, before running 7km back to Love Trails Festival. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/goodgym/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/goodgym/ Website http://www.goodgym.org

Love Trails 2019 | Run to Community Clean-Up with GoodGym (14km)

United Kingdom July 5 2019 1 day

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