United Kingdom·January 30 2019

Run to 2019 with Love Trails Festival

A friendly and proactive evening to get you focused, inspired, and on track for the new year.



This event is an opportunity to plan ahead, set focus, and create intention for how you want your new year to go. You'll start with a visualisation and meditation practice to work on the tools and processes to design your perfect year ahead, facilitated by entrepreneur and life coach Sarah Weiler. Then, you'll finish the evening with a fun and social group run to kickstart your journey into 2019!


Sarah Weiler

Sarah Weiler

Sarah specializes in immersive and transformational experiences as a coach, facilitator and programme designer. Her ridiculously energising and highly transformational workshops aimed at helping people unleash their creativity, set and reach impossible goals, understand what's holding them back, and give them a break from the day to day grind—sometimes with the help of ukeleles!
Run to 2019 with Love Trails Festival

United Kingdom·January 30 2019·1 day